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Andrew Digby, Deidre Vercoe, Daryl Eason, Lydia Uddstrom - Kākāpō Recovery Team

Glen Greaves, Phil Marsh - Takahē Recovery Team

Ngāi Tahu - Kaitiaki (guardians) of Aotearoa's endangered species

Annie West & Mike Taylor, University of Auckland - Microbial analyses of endangered species

William Pearman & Alana Alexander, University of Otago - Impact of Hardy Weinberg filtering on population genomic inferences

Cock van Oosterhout, University of East Anglia & Hernan Eduardo Morales Villegas, University of Copenhagen - Genomic simulations

Wilderlab, Wellington - Soil and water eDNA analyses

PuntSeq, Cambridge - Freshwater monitoring using nanopore sequencing

Accessible Genomics, Philippines - Making DNA-sequencing accessible to the developing world

eLife - Increasing openness, equity and fairness in science

ERGA, Europe - Creating a catalogue of reference genomes of European endangered species

Robert Macey, Peralta Genomics Institute - Tuatara mitochondrial genomes

Mats Olsson, University of Gothenburg - Painted dragon mitochondrial genomes

Ursula Oggenfuss & Daniel Croll - Transposable elements in conservation genomics 

Sally McCormick & Lamia Ismail, University of Otago - Human quantitative genetic analyses and adaptive sampling

Miles Lamare, University of Otago - eDNA for assessing marine biodiversity

Wunschbaby Institute Feichtinger - Analysing the endometrial microbiome using nanopore sequencing

Mario Ernst & Mozes Blom, Museum für Naturkunde Berlin - Whole-genome sequencing of museum specimens using nanopore sequencing

Otago Genomics Sequencing facility, especially Aaron Jeffs

NeSI HPC, especially Dinindu Senanayake